Our County story started three decades ago when Kirstyn’s grandparents moved to Huyck’s Bay, just outside of Wellington. She spent her summers canoeing off Huyck’s Point and watching movies at the Mustang Drive-In. Born and raised a city kid, she always felt the only place she could live outside of Toronto was Prince Edward County.

Daniel’s best friend had a seasonal trailer at The Outlet, a river running between Lake Ontario and East Lake near Sandbanks Provincial Park. The first summer they were dating was spent camping out at Martin’s River Country and sneaking into Sandbanks along the riverbank. After working side by side in the outdoor kitchen at Norman Hardie Winery, they decided to make the County their permanent home.

Outlet Food Co. is our contribution to the amazing vibrant food culture in the County. We’re inspired by our West Indian and Southeast Asian Heritage, and the mosaic of culinary influences we experienced growing up in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. We’re passionate about sustainability and supporting our local community, and we’re excited to bring our original flavour to the County.

Daniel is our grill master and heat seeker. His signature Jerk Chicken and fiery Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce were our first two menu items when we started at the Wellington Farmers’ Market in 2016, and continue to be favourites. Coming from a large family of Guyanese expats, his cooking is heavily influenced by the Caribbean and South America.

Kirstyn finds inspiration for many of Outlet’s unique fusion foods through her Malaysian heritage — a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture. She loves to cook with the abundance of local produce available to us in Prince Edward County, and blends eclectic flavours with fresh ingredients.

Although the West Indies and Southeast Asia are literally a World apart, there are so many common ingredients and flavours between these two tropical regions that a fusion of the two cuisines is a natural fit. Outlet Food Co. is both proudly international and fiercely local. Come eat with us!